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30' Sport Fisherman   Boat building project

design and build of a center console offshore sportfishing boat 


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The simple vision: I  started daydreaming about boat building  in the summer of 1996. Things progressed until eventually a boat was designed and construction actually started in February 1998. I was initially inspired by the hull design of my 24' SeaBird but I wanted to get the inboard/outboard engine up forward for more room and better weight distribution (so I thought then). My original concept of a center console with a jackshaft driven outdrive unit lasted until the hull was actually being built and ended with a change to twin outboards.  In the years that have passed since the original concept, many things have changed. I have looked at hundreds if not thousands of boats measured many boats and thought about boats way too much. Sometimes I worry about this obsession but then I come to my senses and think, well why not? After reading, looking and talking I settled on a foam cored one off hull and at first, boy, this looked easy, build a mold, simple, it took only a few weeks. Next staple on the foam coring, that didn't take long either, shoot, this thing will be finished in a year or less. By December of 1998 it became apparent that my original two year "swag" schedule looked barely doable. Worst of all, the image of a guy in his shop in his flannel shirt, smoking a  pipe and a Spaniel or Setter dog sitting nearby while wood shavings slowly drop to the floor.....wrong. I don't smoke a pipe but it was a nice image that I actually didn't have. In fact, I never thought about any of this kind of stuff.  But I didn't think about becoming a fiberglass laminator-human sanding machine either. This ain't pretty work.

Some topics included in the  pages:

bulletComputer aided boat design
bulletCored sandwich construction
bulletDeep Vee design for small fishing boats
bulletFishing Features
bulletOne Off construction method


One of the reasons that I published this page is to solicit ideas, comments, and helpful advice. I am interested in any contribution that you have.

Contact me;   Ron White

I am located in Saint Francisville, Louisiana

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