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30' Sport Fisherman   Boat building project

design and build of a center console offshore sportfishing boat 




       Tackle center



I built an open rack for six 3700 Plano boxes held in by diagonal bungee cords. The large slide out box rides on Starboard glides and has detents to hold it either out or in. When extended out, it is a handy step for reaching the t-top rod holders and also functions as a rear facing seat useful while trolling. This box contains things like lure bags, leader material and other bulky items. The leaning post seat back has storage for quickly stuffing things you need to put somewhere in a hurry as well as things like pliers and gloves.



The outriggers are collapsible SOS Tele-outriggers (Now Taco Sportfishing). The main point for these is they store under the gunnels in holders. So far they have proven stiff enough. The feature of the outrigger setup that I like best is the E-TEC Sailfish holders. These operate easily from under the top and have nylon bushings that make them move smoothly.

Center rigger

The Center rigger is an aluminum mast off of the back of the T top and has a slide weight to bring the tag line down.


Downriggers and toe board gunnels racks


The downrigger mounts are placed at a slight out of square orientation along the gunnels. This is done so the outrigger when rotated in line with the gunnels ( facing forward or aft) it does not block the rod holders. The mounts are close to the rod holders so they can be easily operated by one crew member. The wooden racks under the gunnel also serve as toe boards for help keeping your balance and they incorporate holders for the pesky downrigger balls.


More on storage


            The front storage racks hold the telescoped outriggers 




Bait Storage 


Rather than a built-in transom bait box and built-in live well, I elected to use an 70 quart Igloo ice chest as a dedicated bait box and a Kodiak live wellboth placed on a shelf across the transom. While this may not be as clean looking as the built-in units, it does provide purpose made items that work well. In comparison to sometimes small un-insulated transom bait trays, the Igloo keeps bait very well and room for lots of ballyhoo. The 17 gallon bait tank is small by king fishing standards, but it  weighs 140 lbs versus 415 lbs for a 50 gallon unit. A big live well is a lot of weight to carry around. The small unit can keep quite a few mullets or hard tails alive for a day of fishing. In the center the milk crate holds trolling plugs inserted in pcv pipes.

The center of the transom has the little dog house for some flat space to fit a center rod holder and hold the milk crate lure box. 

Fish Box 


We all dream of filling a large fish box with large fish. The first half of that dream is the large fish box, add to that plenty of insulation, then all you need is the fish! This fish box is surrounded by an average of 4" of urethane insulation. It drains overboard via a macerator pump.



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Last modified: November 09, 2015