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30' Sport Fisherman   Boat building project

design and build of a center console offshore sportfishing boat 


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This t-top is a shameless rip-off of a late model Fountain Sportfisher. I looked at what must have been 100 designs at the 1999 Miami boat show. Many were a lot prettier and I left thinking I would build some wild curvy thing. After I got home and laid out the pile of pictures, it dawned on me that the Fountain t-top was a very stout clean looking design. This one features construction of all 1" pipe except for the four  1-1/2" pipe stanchions. I would also guess that lower wind resistance is gained by having minimal overhanging piping. Note the pictures below of the console show how the stanchion legs mount to the console base rather than the floor. This makes the tee top stanchion mounting bolts accessible from inside the console rather than under the deck. This also makes wiring runs simpler.


          Console layout


THe console is designed with several  horizontal surfaces so you can put stuff in a hurry. The hydraulic helm is mounted on a 20 degree base.


This is good place to mention the  Mercury Marine Smart Craft gages. With only these three instruments you can get more information than you ever wanted about your engine as well as time of day and atmospheric pressure and air temp. Another little point is the switch keys, I put them in recessed panel after seeing all the bent keys in flush mounted key set.The console is topped with a windshield fabricated using American Marine extrusions. People tell me it looks like a Mako windshield, I guess it does? Anyway it was 3/16" tempered clear glass panels.




                            Console Interior houses as much as possible


     Front end of console      Wiring and storage                Batteries 

After looking at the options, I decided to put everything I could inside the console. In the front of the console are the trim tab pumps, engine oil tanks fuel tank selector valves and lower is the fish box macerator pump. 

Wiring is complete for now but I will add a (5)circuit breaker box to feed the three distribution fuse panels with two breakers dedicated for the trim tabs. 

In the rear of the console is the batteries, their switches, and the brain and pump for the autopilot.

Note that the fuel tanks are open to the console for easier access to the hose connections and sending units. 

The console also makes a good place to store the downriggers, dip net, and kite stuff. 



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Last modified: November 09, 2015