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30' Sport Fisherman   Boat building project

design and build of a center console offshore sportfishing boat 







Stuff that went wrong or things I would do differently

1.Weight issues, I should have done more research of the materials. The light weight that I wanted basically could not be achieved with poly resin unless I drastically reduced the lay-up schedules. With me not having the experience to decide what would be the minimum schedules I had to go with overkill to be sure the hull would be more than strong enough. I rejected epoxy resin without really thinking about the trade offs this resin offered. In a nut shell, poly requires a layer of mat between each layer of reinforcing, epoxy does not. What this means is far less resin. For example on my hull that has three layers of 1808 biaxial glass, there are five layers of mat. The mat adds some strength but not much but it holds a lot of resin. I used as little resin as possible by squeezing out all the resin I could with squeegees. I think epoxy would have saved about 1000 lbs in the finished weight.

2. Finish issues, The finish system should have been all epoxy with two part urethane paint instead of Poly-fill and Poly-fair with spayed gel coat. The spray gel coat issues are discussed in the "Materials" page also linked to "More Details" page. The Poly fair is a great product that has held up well of the hull but as the light at the end of the tunnel started shinning on me, I relaxed on the thoroughness did not do enough scuffing and particularly in the well section of the engine bracket the Poly fill fairing compound let go in some areas. 

So, during the re-powering, I sanded that whole area back down to the glass and re-faired it with epoxy fairing compound, primed with epoxy and finished with two part urethane paint.

Since I was adding heavier engines with more power, I added about 5 layers of additional biaxial reinforcing glass on the transom. See pictures below

I am currently (slowly) refinishing the entire interior.




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